Nyan Cat Progress Bar

Nyan Cat Progress Bar

When memes get useful...sort of


  • Pretty funny
  • Ignore list
  • Doesn't play if you are already listening to music


  • Not terribly useful


Nyan Cat Progress Bar is a funny app that brings the charms of Nyan Cat to your progress bar.

If you're familiar with Nyan Cat, you're going to want as much as possible in your life. Get your fill with Nyan Cat Progress Bar, which, as the name suggests, changes your progress bar into a multicolored, flying Nyan Cat.

The whole psychedelic process is accompanied by the manic Nyan Cat music, but this can be silenced in a single click. You can also turn the default volume down, which is a relief, and also set Nyan Cat Progress Bar to remain silent if it detects that you are already listening to music.

The Nyan Cat Progress Bar works on apps with standard Windows progress bars. The developer says that it isn't likely to work on Windows XP, but some users have reported success, so to give it a try. We also noticed when testing that for the Nyan Cat Progress Bar to show up, you have to click on the active window - in other words, it won't work unless the active window is in the foreground.

Nyan Cat Progress Bar is a really funny app that will add laughter and color to your desktop.

Nyan Cat Progress Bar


Nyan Cat Progress Bar

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  • by Anonymous

    Nyan Bar.
    Damn straight Amazing! love it and when i dont want it i can just turn it off. If I listening to some...   More